The Southern Cross Rugby Academy is proud to announce our latest off season program is open for registrations. We are calling for Boys and Girls aged between the ages of 10 and 18 (in 2021), looking to improve their strength and conditioning while working on core skill development in preparation for the 2021 season. This year we continue our programs to include U10 – U12 Boys and U13’s Girls and bring a fully detailed Rugby development program for this group, whilst ensuring plenty of fun and learning through Rugby based games.


Our off season program will further focus on individual position specific skills and introduce Forward and Backline play to improve our older players Rugby technical and tactical knowledge. Another aspect that completes our whole player approach is increased off field development covering: goal setting, basic nutrition/hydration and recovery protocols for complete player development.


This year our off season program covers 6wks and has sessions available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights with each session maintaining its own Rugby focus to allow our participants maximum exposure to learn and develop throughout 6wk program.


On-field Program

The 2021 program is designed to build the physical capabilities, performance mindset, core skills and position specific skill set of each player.


Strength and Conditioning training

Players are given Strongman style strength sessions each Monday night which promote improved strength and higher work capacity, usually with set distance or time limits within a competitive environment. Speed and agility training is also introduced to allow players the importance of these in Rugby games. We regularly track player results through specific testing sessions and will provide each player an end of program review.


Core Skills & Position specific development

These training sessions are focused on increasing individual core skills, position specific skill development and introduction of Forward and Backline play with fully accredited coaches. These sessions are every week on a Thursday night for the U13 – U18 Boys group, and for our U15 – U17 Girls the Wednesday nights sessions work on the skills required for Rugby 7’s.


Off-field Program


Goal setting and reviews

At the start of the program, each player is required to set both on-field and off-field goals for the program and also the following Rugby season. These goals are reviewed with the players and the introduction of group workshop sessions will assist players in reaching their personal goals. These will involve presentations inside at the PBC Alleygators with video and PowerPoint presentations.


Nutrition and recovery advice

Players are educated on effective sports nutrition to help them with increased energy levels, improved performance and both training/game recovery and hydration strategies. Due to the work effort the players are put through, recovery methods are introduced and tracked, ensuring our players are learning how to prepare for Rugby and look after themselves off the field.


The Southern Cross Rugby Academy can also provide tailored programs to suit those looking for less sessions per week. We can also provide family discounts for multiple participants and happy to work out payment option plans to suit families better across this busy time of year. Please contact for further information.


Sample weekly schedule:

Strongman style training
  • Tyre flipping and throwing drills for power
  • Sled push/pull increased leg strength
  • Kettle bell carries involving whole body

Body weight exercises for mobility and strength

Straight line running/conditioning improving work rate


Core skill development
  • Catch/Pass technique
  • Tackle technique
  • Ball carry/presentation
  • Breakdown technique

Speed and Agility with ladders and evasion drills

Conditioning games increased work rate and decision making under fatigue


Position specific skills working in groups to provide opposition

Unit focus- Forward and back line play

  • Forwards: Scrum, Lineout basics
  • Backline: Counter attack- from kick and turnover, kicking

Attack vs defence key factors to allow players improved game play